I had a great time in Forest Park yesterday.

Highlights include my second Great Egret of the year (the first was Friday,
4/4), 4 Pie-Billed Grebes, 5 Blue-winged Teal, 2 Northern Shovelers,
Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker, Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher (heard), Great Blue Heron,
Black-crowned Night Heron.  Muskrat, Red-eared Sliders and several
Bullfrogs were non-avian treats.  A large Cottonwood near the Lafayette
Bridge that houses Raccoons was heavily damaged from the recent storms.  No
signs of worse for wear Raccoons.

The third fledgling of the Great Horned Owls moved further away from the
nest and closer to parents and siblings since Saturday.  We had a scary but
cool moment when a Red-tailed Hawk swooped in and landed extremely close to
the other two fledglings.  Sarah, the adult female, chased the hawk away
and  Charles, the adult male, hooted after it.  It was fascinating to again
see Sarah feed the owlets and the difference and abilities between the
owlets due to how the eggs are laid asynchronously.

Mark H.X. Glenshaw
City of St. Louis
Forest Park Owls
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