It's the Fluellen school of theory.

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Perhaps if you read the play, you would rethink Hieronymo: he wants to kill people. And he does. Their voices are all in different languages so no one in the play he's arranging will know that it is a kind of snuff play. That this is divine madness is a bit hard on the divine.

The notion that the poem must, somehow, be fit into "a pattern of order" has been in question for decades. So I question why making murder into divine frenzy is an apt way to do it.


One might see the reference to Hieronymo, like the reference to the Versailles Treaty in the last line, is an implicit recognition that Order is a delusion. CR's ruminations remind me of a student in an 18th-c lit class who thought The Modest Proposal was evidence of cannibalism among Irish peasants. The "logic" is the same: take one element, even one word, ignore context, spin a fantasy around that one isolated 'fact,' and then see that fantasy as part of the text.

For example: an interpreter interpreting this post could note the word "Irish" above, note that there is such a thing as Irish coffee, then use the word coffee to arrive at the interesting conclusion that Cox has written a comparative study of the economies of Brazil and Cuba: they both grow coffee. THEN that same adventurous interpreter could note that this post occurs in a thread on TWL and triumphantly announce that TWL is an Ode to Decaf.

It's a promising technique.