So what's an F150?
How does it compare to a Miata?
Doesn't Eliot account for vehicles as part of the twitter in this twittering world? Look Ma, no fingers!

Peter M.

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I have to own up to having an Isuzu trooper and having been thought a barbarian- for other reasons ( my daily drive is more like Eliot's Morris Minor )
Cheers Pete 

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On 4/5/2014 6:17 AM, Peter Dillane wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite"> F150  ! !!!-  never saw TSE as one of those good old boys CR

    Amen! Don't remember whether from Notes Toward the Def of Culture or Idea of a Xtian Soc, but the one comment I do (loosely) recall from TSE on vehicles akin to the F150 was a dark prediction that civilized society would be transformed into a landscape crisscrossed by barbarians in vans. Yes, I know, he meant more than trucks, but I don't want to spoil my grand tour of the continent in my Mazda3....

 Ken A

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