Thanks folks. The early lines of TWL that go something like "hold on Marie, hold on tight, and down we went./In the mountains there you feel free." always remind me of Alice going down the tunnel.

So Charley just reversed his two first names and translated them into Latin. Clever.


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Eliz. Sewell has also a 1952 book, _The Field of Nonsense_, about "English wit and humor," among other interesting titles.


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>Did Eliot have any interest in Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. TWL often reminds
me of some of ÇLD's kiddie lit.

I don't know but the answer may be here:"Lewis+Carroll+and+T.S.+Eliot+as+Nonsense+Poets"&hl=en

Intro to Poetry: Eliot, Carroll and Nonsense

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