Arwin Van Arum seemed to just move on from Eliot. He had a presence in the gaming community on the web for a while ( some sort of driver scenario I think) but his web appreciation of Eliot persists perhaps a neglected hobby Umberto gave a reason for leaving didnt he? He spoke to me about travel sites in Australia at about that time.


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BTW,  does anyone know what happened to Paul Sonnenberg and Umberto from Italy and Arwin from Netherlands Nd, was it (?), Sisypha : those were entertaining, iinspiring  diverse and often erudite discussions.

I had the opportunity a couple of years ago to ask Jewel Spears Brooker the same question about Paul. She knew of him alright, I think via the US Eliot Society, but unfortunately  had no information about his dropping from the scene and said she'd be interested herself to know.

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We have all been together a long time.  Is this a public forum on T.S. Eliot or is this just a never-ending(until death, rip Pat), often meandering, often redundant, discussion between longtime "penpals."

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I will continue, then, uninterrupted.  When I began conversing with you in
all in 2001, I was young, in my 30's still.  I am no longer so young, but
yet, I am probably still one of the youngest members of this group, if not
the youngest.

We have all been together for a long time.