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>> The immediate specific justification of a Christian context to the opening
>> passage is the passage which immediately follows, saturated with Christian
>> allusions to Ezekiel et al.
> Sorry, but despite the allusions my reading of that section doesn't contain
> religion.
> Regards,
>     Rick Parker


    Maybe you could define "contain"? Tom Jefferson read the Bible 
without religion by the exigency of excising the religious terminology. 
Effective for him perhaps, but no one of any persuasion could reasonably 
call the end result "The Bible." I assume you're not editing out the 
parts of TWL that have religious weight and which its author, 
presumably, put in for that reason. Or is this related to that 
anticipated retirement project you mentioned earlier?

     For my part, I've decided to write a bar song -- or maybe it's just 
a retirement song -- about the TWL to the tune of The Bowery. So far, 
I've got the refrain down pat.

    Ken A

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