I had a mate who was an engineer. He was pretty concrete in his thinking except he felt that Chaucer's Prioress referring to the virgin as the "white lylye flour" was making imaginative connection with cooking flour.  He was cruelly rebuffed by one of our number  with "are you suggesting that the prioress thinks the virgin is a cake?"
I suppose you can take what you want from anything that's written but society can be cruel I fear.

Cheers pete

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[log in to unmask]" type="cite">That's how poetry should be. 
I only caught one of the resonances.
There could be many more to it.

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>The immediate specific justification of a Christian context to the opening
>passage is the passage which immediately follows, saturated with Christian
>allusions to Ezekiel et al.

Sorry, but despite the allusions my reading of that section doesn't contain

   Rick Parker