On 4/11/2014 5:34 AM, Carrol Cox wrote:
> The "Modernists," perhaps with the exception of W.C. Williams, led strangely distorted lives. Has anyone written on this?

       Lives are not distorted. Views of them are. Of distorted views we 
are treasure bound.

> In an hour I'll be at the airport to proceed (by way of Atlanta) to Massachusetts and the Science for the People Conference in Amherst. I'll have to ask someone there if early 20th-c scientists were equally twisted.

      Well! Let's hope that the distortion-free lives of the engineers 
who designed your conveyance and the workers who built them translate 
directly into super-symmertical and trouble-free flying. And that the 
peoples at the conference champion science that serves life and human 
dignity and will not be party to reducing people to the status of 
things. If that is in its power.

     Happy landings,
     Ken A

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