Graduate Student Conference
Co-organized by the Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European
Studies (Univ. of British Columbia), the Department of Germanic and Slavic
Studies (Univ. of Victoria), and the Department of Germanics (Univ. of
Washington). Hosted by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.

Oct. 17-18, 2014

None of a Kind - Solutions to Dissolution

Feststellung: The amount of accessible, stored knowledge today is
unprecedented; yet life changes. These observations may seem trivial but
they frame a profound dilemma: While we are busy assessing everything and
discerning it into ever smaller categories, life around us continues; and
what we encounter today may no longer match our categories of yesterday.
As soon as a paradigm seems fixed, new angles demand a shift. The only
possible Feststellung then is almost socratic: There is nothing
festzustellen. This conference looks at knowledge and perceptions in flux
and how we deal with it.

What happens in literature when a traditional category has become invalid?
How do we articulate sudden change or slow transformation? How may imagery
adapt to expressing new perspectives on familiar subjects? Where can we
identify the validity and risks of labels? What does the space in between
categories look like?

Our interest lies in the roles of the human, time, and context in the
creation, development, management and transfer of knowledge. The felt need
for categorization despite constant change constitutes a dilemma of
individual and social dimensions and raises questions of identity,
academic work, and truth.

Possible areas of interest include but are not limited to:

* The configuration of society
* What constitutes a family
* The effects of migration
* Church and religion
* The meaning of time
* Technological advances
* Human vs. Non-Human
* The role of gender
* Language evolution
* Nature vs. the urban

We welcome submissions of approx. 300-word abstracts by June 30, 2014.
Presentations may be held in German or English for approx. 20 mins
followed by 10 mins of discussion. The organizers are applying for funding
to partly subsidize presenters¹ travel expenses. Please send proposals as
Word or PDF files to all three organizers: Tim Höllering, UBC
([log in to unmask]), Zola Kell, UVic ([log in to unmask]), and
Justin Mohler, UW ([log in to unmask]).

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