MoBirders:  Yesterday I posted a gull that Mark Paradise and I observed at Riverlands Mig. Bird Sanctuary (St. Charles Co.).  I prematurely called this bird a second-cycle THAYER'S based on the following:
- Dark eye
- Size was in between Herring Gull and Ring-billed
- Rounder head
- Bill was thinner than Herrings (too long for Thayers?)
- Primaries dark brown, with pale tips (not entirely pale fringes)
- Tertial very pale brown with broad white fringes
-  Unfortunately I did not get any photos this bird with its wings spread and I cannot add any notes about the wing pattern...

Photos of this bird can be seen here, including a couple photos not posted yesterday:

It has been brought to my attention (rightly so) that this bird could in fact be a first-cycle California Gull. It certainly does have what appears to be a long, parallel sided two-toned bill.....  and appears very similar overall to this first-cycle California Gull I photographed in Nevada several years ago:

If anyone else saw this bird, or even better has additional photos, or just has an opinoin - I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.  Maybe it is simply just a bleached Herring Gull, but right now it is now a "gull to learn from".


Joshua Uffman
St. Louis County, MO
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