Literature and Art: Conversations and Collaborations
Deadline for abstracts: 30 March 2014

Contributions are now invited for the 2014 volume of the MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities, an international, refereed online journal aimed at postgraduate and early-career researchers.

The only substitute for an experience we ourselves have never lived through is art, literature.

- Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Literature and art have been intrinsically linked since ancient times as varying expressions of the creative process, from Socrates to Delacroix, from the avant-garde livre d’artiste to postmodern intertextuality. Illuminative comparisons can be made between how literature and art engage with, for example, autobiography and self-portraiture, uses of narrative, concepts of language, and the roles of readers/viewers and authors/artists. The cross-overs between the two forms allow for a comparative approach while specific interplays between the written and the visual provide a space for the exploration of concepts such as adaptation, rewriting, and translation. How can we define the fluctuating relationship between literature and art, and how has it changed over time? What reasons can we attribute to its continuing importance?

Working Papers in the Humanities invites articles addressing and further interrogating these areas. Suggested themes include, but are not limited to:

-       Writing as art/Art as writing

-       Literature and aesthetics

-       The artist as portrayed in literature/the writer as portrayed in art

-       Interpretation and reinterpretation

-       Ekphrasis, calligrammes, creative typography and experimentalism

-       The history of the book

-       The role of technology in the evolving relationship between literature and art

-       Interdisciplinary and transnational dialogues across literature and art

-       Representations of the creative process in art and literature

Abstracts, in English, of 300-500 words in length are invited from any field in the ‘modern humanities’, as defined as the modern and medieval languages, literatures, and cultures of Europe, including English and the Slavonic languages, and the cultures of the European diaspora. History, library studies, education and pedagogical subjects, and the medical application of linguistics are excluded.

Proposals and informal enquiries should be directed to the editors at [log in to unmask] by March 30 2014. Those selected for further consideration will be required to produce their article, of no more than 4000 words, by the end of June 2014. These articles will then undergo peer review, and the volume will be published online at the end of the year.

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