I birded the tornado damaged area of Joplin, MO., on 
    Saturday,  02-22-14.  One hour.  The tornado occurred on
    5-11-11, as I recall.  I just birded from the car.    
    Birds today, from 20th & Duquesne, 3 miles, or so, west to 
    20th & Main, then 26th & Main back east to Range Line Rd.,
    10 miles, or so, were:

    American Kestrel        3
    Killdeer                      1
    Rock Pigeon              40
    Mourning Dove            1
    Blue Jay                     1
    American Crow           9
    American Robin          4
    European Starling       55
    American Goldfinch     6
    House Sparrow           40

    10 species.  Lots of homes going up.  Landscaping will be
    long in the future, I suppose.  The new Joplin High School,
    located on the original site, looks like it is going to 
    be a beautiful place for the students.  Someone said that it
    may be ready this fall.  

    Larry Herbert,  Joplin, Jasper County, MO.  2-23-14.

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