I have spent the day counting my feeders and observing what I believe is 6 Northern Flickers that have found my feeder area and are enjoying my suet. 

I again today witnessed some type of behavior  (courtship or something) .  A male and female were sitting on a limb facing each other, they would point their bills in the air and then move them side to side.  Then they would do head bobbing with their heads going up and down at the same time, and then they would alternate head bobbing.  They stayed on the same limb for approximately 5 minutes, before being interrupted by a Sharp shinned Hawk attack on the Goldfinches.

Later this afternoon I witnessed 2 of the flickers in my Sumac.  I went out to investigate and noticed that about half of the sumac seed heads were eaten.  The only other birds I have ever observed eating sumac seed were robins, bluebirds and waxwings. Good to know that something else eats them.

I have at least 2 male Northern Flickers, maybe 3 and 2 female Northern Flickers, ( Yellow shafted) I have a single bird that has a very small red malar patch but has yellow underwing. I am assuming this is a hybrid.

Terry McNeely
25843 Grate Ave
Jameson, MO  64647
Daviess County

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