Big, short tailed, deep brown above with patterns of white mixed in with brown, a bit of white color pattern in the tail, banding is difficult to detect on a closed tail, brown eye of the adult in this case, and a rusty orange robin-like chest, and it seemed big, are all characters of one species, but your response also is a distinct characteristic of the observer having a good up-close look at a red-shouldered hawk.  I have been seeing them along roadways and in forested stream valleys where they often perch next to the stream bridge and road crossing. 
I think you have perfectly described the wow effect of having seen an adult red-shouldered hawk, perhaps one of the most beautiful raptors in the world.


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Today around noon I saw a huge hawk fly into my back yard and land on my back privacy fence.I only had a few moments to put his markings in my mind.
 His back was to me he did turn his head to the side. I'm not sure if it was a red shouldered hawk, red tail? He was so beautiful and believe he was looking for a song bird at my bird feeders.
His back was deep brown with patterns of white mixed in but mostly brown.
His tail was short brown in color with a bit of whitepatterns, no bands and no red. His eye was all brown. His chest was rusty orange like a robin. His size seemed big but I don't know if he just had his feathers puffed out. I didn"t see him fly because I was trying to get my camera. I think next time I will just study the beautiful bird. Any ideas?
Patricia Urban

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