Hey all,

I've got a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker back for his third snack of the afternoon at 
my suet feeder here in Columbia.  We are north of I-70, so I consider myself in 
the "north" region, which states YBSA is a 'rare' winter 
resident (uncommon in the south).  Probably not one to report to MRBC, but 
definitely noteworthy to me...I've not seen one in 2 months!

Others include the winter commons: Cardinals, House Finch, Downy Woodpecker, 
Titmouse, White-throats, Juncos, Song Sparrows, and my one Am Tree Sparrow.

I will say, having my 100 sq ft "prairie" area in the back yard has increased the 
bird activity and I've seen several birds use it to dive under the snow.  If you 
have the space, patience, and permission, I'd encourage everyone to let a little 
bit of their yard grow 'wild'.

Cheers and good birding,
Columbia, Boone Co., MO
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