Back on Feb. 2, I thought I saw a male Purple Finch on the bubbler cam while at 
my desk. Couldn't find that bird again, so I figured I may have been mistaken. On 
Feb. 11, I saw a female Purple Finch on the lower feeder and was able to some 
photos of it. Haven't seen it since. I'm quite sure that this is my first winter 
sighting of one here. Usually will have them in migration.

Yesterday, I braved the 8 degrees and went out to photograph the two American 
Tree Sparrows that have been around when a third one popped out of the 
buttonbush. This was not a typical adult, and I was able to get some photos. Will 
post a link later. I've been spreading a finch mix under two buttonbushes and the 
birds love to be able to hop up onto the low, twiggy branches and take cover or 
warm their feet. At least 10 species of birds have been attracted to this 'covered 

Yesterday, we both distinctly heard a Red-winged Blackbird calling thanks to the 
baby monitor that brings the bird sounds inside, but never saw it. Late in the 
afternoon, a flock of 30+ American Robins descended into the areas where snow 
had melted and leaf litter was available for their frantic foraging. They seem 
humiliated to have to resort to eating seed, although they have taken mealworms.

There are two Rusty Blackbirds that continue to come in at different times. Just a 
few minutes ago, a first year Coopers Hawk flew in and disrupted the feeding. I've 
been seeing an average 25 species a day.

I would be so happy to see all of these return over the GBBC weekend!

Margy Terpstra
Kirkwood, St. Louis CO, MO
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