I recently received this note from Jeff Cantrell:

" ...this came from Greg Swick and Dr. Janice Greene earlier today.  What a well-deserved recognition!
Andrew Kinslow is certainly one of our own and a life member of ASM. 

We are incredibly proud of him.  - Jeff"


Hi GLADE Staff, Planning Committee, and friends,
It is such an honor to announce to you that Andrew Kinslow has been awarded the 2014 ABA Chandler Robbins Award for Outstanding Bird Educator and Conservationist!  We all know that Andrew is an amazing scientist and educator,  and that he is so deserving of this distinguished, national honor!  He will be coordinating schedules with Jeffrey Gordon, president of the American Birding Association.  Mr. Gordon plans  to come up here to present the award personally to Andrew.   He is thinking about trying to do this during the April 17th GOAS meeting when Andrew is presenting "The Neotropical Connection"
Here's the award description:
The ABA Chandler Robbins Award Education/Conservation
Given for making significant contributions to birder education and/or bird conservation. This award recognizes outstanding efforts in birder education, bird conservation or in the management or preservation of habitats on which birds and birding depends. It is presented to an individual in either area or to someone who has achieved in both areas. ABA considers that the quality and scope of Chan Robbin's work make him an outstanding person after whom to name the award.
Here are the previous winners... You just might recognize a few of them!
ABA Chandler Robbins Award Winners
2000 Ted Lee Eubanks    Texas Legacy Project
2002 Charles Duncan      Institute of Field Ornithology
2003 David N. Pashley     Cornell Lab of Ornithology
2004 Jerome Jackson    Auburn University Ornithologist, author of In Search of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker
2006 Robert Ridgely      Ridgeley's Antpitta named for him,  Director of the Center for Neotropical Ornithology
2007 Jerry Bertrand    President, Bird Life International
2008 Richard Daley    Chicago Mayor , advocate for  Urban Conservation Treaty for Migratory Birds
2009 George Fenwick  Founder and President of the American Bird Conservancy, Fenwick's Antpitta named for him, now Urrao Antpitta
2010 David DeSante   Founder, Institute of Bird Populations
2011 Donald Messersmith     President of Maryland Ornithological society
2012 Joseph Coleman   Bird Artist
2013 Tammy VerCauteren - Director, Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory...

The March issue of The Bluebird, ASM's quarterly journal, will feature more detailed information about Andrew's contributions to conservation education in Missouri.  Watch for it. 

Congratulations, Andrew! 

June Newman


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