The Interdisciplinary Urban Society and Culture Network is looking for one contribution to complete an interdisciplinary panel on Urban Space—Berlin.


Please send paper abstracts of ca. 250 words by Monday, January 13 to:


Jennifer Ruth Hosek [log in to unmask]

Michael Meng [log in to unmask]


We will be in touch promptly about acceptance on this panel, which is part of a triad of panels.




The interdisciplinary URBAN SOCIETY AND CULTURE NETWORK brings together scholars interested in cities and city cultures. While our anchor is in Germany and Europe, we welcome international and transnational perspectives on urban society, culture, politics, and history.


Cities have greatly influenced human life since the development of agriculture, political dominion, and territorial expansion. Industrialization and warfare center in, destroy, and rebuild them, while social movements and governance structures are crushed and birthed in them.

These urban crucibles forge and are fired by cultural expression. These days, technological changes, the mobility of market and of certain labour flows, as well as the centralization of capital with concomitantly expanding global reach make urban spaces perhaps more significant and dynamic than ever before.

The URBAN SOCIETY AND CULTURE NETWORK's most proximate aim is a series of panels at the 2014 GSA in Kansas City.


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