The Snowy Owl was observed today (sat) - in the same area that others reported.
As you pass the Visitor's Center heading west on Visitor Center Road, look
on the north side of the road for a brown pedestrian walking sign.  The owl
is parallel to that sign; but you should back up maybe 50' or so. He is
obscured right at the sign.

He was in the rip-rap close to the grass about mid-way up from the water. 
You can almost if you look careful spot him with your naked eye - he is so
white and the rip rap is grey.  He was nestled in the rocks; sitting motionless.

I left at 12:50 and he was still there - I had been told he was there all
morning from 8:00 a.m. on.

PS thanks for all that gave directions, very helpful.

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