From the new book, "Peterson Reference Guide to Seawatching"
by Ken Behrens & Cameron Cox:

- "Trumpeter has a longer neck, hunched back, broader and blunter wings
with obvious primary "fingers", and BULGING BELLY compared with Tundra
- "Trumpeter's head and bill look proportionate: both are large. Tundra has
a large head , but it's bill seems disproportionately small."
- Trumpeter's often root in the mud, resulting in a dirty bill."

GOOD book to have to help ID various "inland" waterfowl, gulls, terns, etc
in flight as well.

On sale at amazon (see below)
Please, NOT advocating only (no monetary benefit, yada, yada)
just can preview the book and read customer reviews to decide if one 
wishes to purchase at one's desired seller.

Back to my "sick recliner"......  :-P

Good CBCing,
Charlene Malone
St. L co.

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