As I was watching my feeders this morning, I noticed a mouse sneak out of the brush pile and grab a seed and return to brush pile.  The Harris' Sparrows and Juncos didn't seem to bother the mouse.

After several trips out into the open to grab a seed, a Blue Jay spotted the mouse.

The Blue Jay hopped over near the brush pile and waited.

The mouse came out, but noticed the Blue Jay and scurried back to the brush pile.

The Blue Jay pursued the mouse into the brush pile.  The blue Jay disappeared into the brush pile and remained out of sight  for about a minute.

The Blue Jay hung around the brush pile for about 5 minutes before flying away. 

Never seen the mouse again until this evening. 

I have never observed this behavior before.  Thought it was interesting if not entertaining.

Terry McNeely
25843 Grate Ave
Jameson, MO  64647
Daviess County

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