This is the fifth in a series, "Using the ASM Website"

ASM member John Solodar had an idea:  

On the matter of who has copies of Robbins & Easterla, would it be worthwhile for ASM to compile a list of people who have a copy so that those who do not can find out whom to ask about an unusual sighting ?   I have one and would be willing to put my name on such a list.

Josh Uffman is working diligently to update the R & E material as new records are available, but there are many species not yet updated in that source.

John's idea is now a reality, one more service available on ASM's website,  Anyone who has a question about bird occurrence information that is in the out-of-print Robbins & Easterla, BIRDS OF MISSOURI, Their Distribution and Abundance, University of Missouri Press, 1992, may post the query to an owner of the book and get a response.

Here's how:

On the ASM website homepage,, are several banner heads.  Point at "BIRDER TOOLS" and a drop down menu appears (same menu that includes Josh's ShowMe Birds, listed as Species Records, #9 in the list). 

Click on "Robbins & Easterla Query (currently #8 in the list).

The page that loads has three things of interest:

1.  A link to ShowMe Birds so the current updated version may be read.
2.  A "click here to send your query" to the group [of owners o copies off R & E]  that is willing to answer questions about species information found in Robbins and Easterla.

3.  And an important third piece, a "Contact Us" link for owners of copies of R & E who are willing to receive answer queries via email to be added to the list of responders.

Thanks to ASM Webmaster Patrick Harrison's response to John's suggestion, this service is on line now.  Enjoy!

June Newman
President ASM

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