Thanks to June for posting this information.

I would like to add one thought for people whose interest in data from
Robbins & Easterla is for the purpose of checking on an early or late
record or other non-seasonal occurrence.

If you are wondering whether your observation of a certain species is early
enough, late enough, or far enough out of season in any respect to merit
documentation, I would be glad to help.  Please email me at the address
below and I will let you know my opinion.

I should add that the MBRC does have definite guidelines for documentation
in terms of rarity; if a species is listed as "accidental" or "casual", it
needs to be documented, and if merely "rare," then it does not. This
usually clear from the Annotated Checklist and the Review List, both on the
ASM web site.  We don't have such clear guidelines for early/late records,
so to some extent it's a judgment call.

Hope this is helpful, at least occasionally.

Bill Rowe
Secretary, MBRC
St. Louis
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