For the: Women in German 39th Annual Conference 2014

Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, Shawnee on Delaware, PA Oct. 23-26

Deadline: March 1, 2014

*Re-Defining German Studies and The Positionality of German Scholars from A
Place of Power *

 In the face of departments being eliminated or reduced to programs, the
identity of German scholars and teachers in the academy is challenged.
Moreover, in many cases it is a daily fight for survival as a Germanist. In
these attempts to survive, we face the pressure and the challenge of
producing a certain number of majors or otherwise our existence will be
thrown into jeopardy by administrators. Simultaneously, the opportunity and
funding for the humanities seems to come from digital humanities. However,
in addition to real possible contributions of digital humanities to the
field it also seems to rationalize our profession away.   Colleges and
universities may all too easily substitute our role and presence as
teachers through moocs and online classes.

How do we take control of this situation and re-define our identities as
Germanists in a field that is already interdisciplinary but demands in this
situation even more interdisciplinarity. How do we achieve such
reódefinition from a place of power and self-confidence and without
defining us from a place of *Existenzangst*?

We are looking for contributions in the form of 5-7 minute presentations of
mission statements, addressing these issues and reflecting on personal
attempts to address these concerns that derive from creative solutions
forged at your home institutions and in your personal lives as they
intersect with your professional situation. The session will take the
format of a round-table discussion followed by break-out sessions.

Please send a ca. 1-page abstract to both of the panel organizers, Ute
Bettray (ute.bettray(AT) and Anabel Aliaga-Buchenau (aaliagab(AT), by March 1, 2014.

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