I checked out Longbranch today. Pretty brisk conditions, but I was dressed for it, so o.k. No Snow Buntings to be found on the rock jetty - or whatever we are calling it - by the Marina. With the low water level there is lots of open shoreline, and rocky points providing good habitat for them though. I walked most of those around that area, and some near the Dam, but did not find any SNBU, so if they are still around they were elsewhere. No rare Gulls either today, in fact few Gulls were to be seen when I got there about 9:30 this morning. Many more came in later, but only saw Ring-billed, Bonaparte's, and then one Immature Herring. More were across the lake on east side, with some Ducks, and a lone Pelican, but too Fuzzy to ID due to heat distortion. Did see a dozen or more Common Mergansers, and a few other Ducks, Coots, and PB Grebes.  A few more COME were at the Macon City Lake with 150 Hooded Mergansers. 
  I drove across the T highway causeway at Thomas Hill Lake before heading home. The wind was really whiping by then. Lots of "White Horses" on the water but not much else.- that's what they called white caps on our trip to Scotland & Ireland last Summer.

Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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