Did you see the buntings way out on the fishing pier / breakwater for the marina? Do you think they will hang around, it sounds like that must be a regular  spot for seeing them? 

I had to look up barrage, which apparently is a dam or irrigation channel structure used to deepen flowing water for diversion or hydropower production.  The main dam would be a barrage but for flood control and recreation, I guess. Any French linguists out there.


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The Snow Buntings were at the marina. I walked out along the barrage, or whatever you call that dike thing which forms the eastern border of the marina. First passerine I saw was a Snow Bunting, and I watched it for half an hour and took lots of photos. After I let it get used to me, it got very tame. Then all of a sudden it flew up, calling, and joined two others in flight. They flew towards the sun and I lost them, but they didn't look like they were going far.

The only Gulls I saw were Ring-billed and Bonapartes.

Cheers, Chris.

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