I headed for NW Harrison County mid afternoon,after dropping Dianne off at Bethany for a Baby Shower for our Niece. It was pretty quiet around Dunn Ranch and I only had little over an hour before I had to head back . I drove the perimeter and walked down one field road across an open ridge where I have found Smith's Longspurs before. It  had been mowed short and looked good, but No SMLO. However 2 Greater Praire Chickens flew up from some taller vegetation as I was walking back. Saw a few of the Bison.from that ridge also, as I scanned over at their enclosed area. Observed Am. Kestrals, Northern Harriers, and couple of Loggerhead Shrikes as I drove around.
  I hurried on over to the Pawnee Praire parking lot south of Hatfield off rd 140 so I could walk that ridge. This area was heavily grazed earlier again this year to try and knock back the non native Fescue, so it is good Longspur habitat again. I was able to find several Smith's and couple of Lapland Lonspurs in a short time.
Just makes me want to go back when I have more time to enjoy these open landscapes up there!

Later, Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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