Speaking of lagoons, there are four of them in the
Joplin area that I visit once in a while.  All four require
permission.  All four are open M-F,  8 to 4.
All four have no mudflats for shorebirds.
Three of four were placed on ebird.

I visited them just this morning, but I had to view quickly
due to other obligations:

Shoal Creek Lagoon, Joplin, Newton County, on Apricot Drive:
    065    Gadwall
    180    Mallard
    105    N. Shoveler
    010    N. Pintail
    060    Green-winged Teal   
(All puddle ducks today).

Turkey Creek W. T. F., Joplin, Jasper Co., on Eddy Lane:
    035    Canada Goose
    025    Mallard
    020    N. Shoveler
    035    Green-winged Teal
    004    Redhead
    010    Ring-necked Duck
    018    Lesser Scaup
    001    Red-tailed Hawk
    010    Killdeer
    005    Least Sandpiper
    015    Bonaparte's Gull
    008    Ring-billed Gull
    800    European Starling (+)
(Mngr. & helper said they saw a Bald Eagle get a duck yesterday).

Carl Junction W. T. P (wastewater treatment plant)
    075    Bonaparte's Gull
    010    Ring-billed Gull
(Maintenance on gate so I didn't stop in).

Center Creek Lagoon, Webb City, Jasper County.
    (Misplaced list.  Had about the same as Turkey Creek above).

Lawrence Herbert, Joplin, Jasper County, certhiaATatt .net   11-14-13.

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