Yesterday I was happy to see that my two flocks of Wild Turkey had met up,
and both male and female make up 17.  They come to check out the bird feeder
scatter.  But totally unpredictable.  My first flock of Cedar Waxwings
showed up in my deciduous holley this morning with the random Roboins that
always seem to be with them.  They left soon after sampling the fare so the
berries are  perhaps not ripe enogh yet.  I ran outside to get a picture of
the berry ladden tree before it is stripped.  The usual feeder flocks
continue with Juncos and White throated sparrows appearing here last week.
Were'nt the colors magnificent this fall?  I admit I looked at them more
than at birds!  Feed away - Oh, one of the male Hairy Woodpeckers is making
the rounds of my house beams checking out the  carpenter wasp holes.


Mariel Stephenson

Columbia MO

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