For those who might have taken me seriously, forget my earlier facetious 
idea about trying to pretend you are getting compost in order to get in 
and bird at the lagoons.  I just found out that only residents of 
Carlyle are LEGALLY allowed to be back in the lagoon area - and ONLY to 
get compost.  Carlyle normally keeps the gates closed to this lagoon 
area due to their concerns about liability, but has opened them lately 
to let residents get compost.  It is normally TRESPASSING to go past 
these normally closed gates.  So, basically, NO ONE is supposed to be 
back there for birding purposes.  One of the officers suggested talking 
to the Chief of Police or the Mayor and getting permission to be back 
there - if you are determined.  Maybe Dan Kassebaum has such permission 
- and the other birders who bird there.  I would like to know.  If they 
do not have permisson, they should NOT be encouraging othes on this list 
to do something ILLEGAL.

Andy Reago
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St. Louis MO

On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 11:58 PM, Andrew Reago wrote:

> Upon entering the Sewage Lagoons near Carlyle Lake, I was met by the 
> Chief of Police, Mark Pingsterhaus, 618.594.2488, who must have seen 
> my binoculars because without asking us any questions, he informed me 
> that NO BIRDERS were to be back there - ONLY folks getting compost. He 
> showed me his badge.  He asked if we were from Missouri.  We asked if 
> he knew Dan Kassebaum, which he said he did, but we did not dare ask 
> why Dan is allowed in every day. Perhaps Dan is getting compost?  I 
> suggest taking a shovel and bag with you if you plan to visit the 
> lagoons and surreptitiously glance at the lagoons - or stay away.
> Andy Reago
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> St. Louis MO
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