Crisp fall days are upon us, and with them comes closure of many sites for wildlife viewing and the thoughts of extra caution at many sites as the hunting seasons get underway full blast.

Missouri's state parks provide birders with safe, bird-friendly venues.  Jerry and I visited the Pittsburgh Unit of Pomme de Terre SP this week and were rewarded with woodpeckers (somehow missed Pileated), and on the lake were many Horned Grebes and several Common Loons.  Pelicans were soaring in their classic ballet.  An Osprey zoomed in to check out the fishing potential.  What a delightful place!

Other state parks with good views of water to see migrating waterfowl include Thousand HIlls, Long Branch (where many unusual gulls have been found), Stockton, and Table Rock.

Many city and county lakes provide good access with limited or no hunting.  Binder (Jeff City) and Pape (Concordia) come to mind.

Enjoy birding  Missouri in early November.  Even heavily hunted conservation areas offer good birding with a few sensible precautions.  Note that Eagle Bluffs is open for wildlife viewing along the main road between 1 and 3 p.m., daily.

Edge Wade
ASM Conservation Partnership Coordinator
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