This chilly morning as I sat in the parking lot at work eating my breakfast, I watched once again in awe of the thousands of American Robins that passed overhead southward from as far as I could see East to West which covered about 3/4 mile span.


I watched for ten minutes 7:18-7:28 am with only tiny gaps between flocks ranging in size from as little as 30 to as many as 300 birds. It has been several years since I witnessed such a movement of Am. Robins and that was in the Bootheel where wide open skies are plentiful; so I feel blessed to have been present at work today where the industrial park offers similar "open skies" to view this large movement.


My count of Am. Robins for the duration was between 8,000-10,000 with more still flying over as I entered the manufacturing plant here in Eldon, MO, Miller County.


Also on the drive into work today, several medium size flocks of Canada Geese were in "V" formation heading southward as well.


Bird on!

Chris Barrigar
Cole Co.
Russellville, MO
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