ILLINOIS, Carlyle Lake, Clinton co.

Dan Kassebaum called.......
Cole's Creek (smaller parking lot)
LITTLE GULL seen flying amongst the numerous Bonies

Point 18/Hickory Hollow - South Shores State Park
- COMMON TEAL - European Green-winged Teal

Please google Carlyle Lake map for locations.

WATERFOWL HUNTING going on, GO EARLY to view from Cole's Creek
and Point 18 as the heavy boat traffic from hunters really stir up the birds
and scatter them to parts unknown.
Other land hunting going on to, so be aware particularly in Hazlet or 
South Shore SP.

R-T LOON went MIA at the end of day but does not mean it is not around.
R-N Grebe still at Teal Pond.
35 Franklin's Gulls at the start of the gull roost.
Good time to look for Little, Cali or Mew Gulls.

Game on, gotta' get my baseball/adult beverage on.

Good birding,
Charlene malone
St. Louis

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