Riverlands was open this morning and people were bustling around, cleaning things. The wildlife sanctuary notices went up before the saw horses were moved from the parking lots. The meadows are now closed until April 15.
An American Avocet is at Teal Pond. The bird is on a small green island between two breakwaters, west of the parking lot. The Surf Scoter is still present, hanging around in Ellis Bay with a raft of more than 100 Green-wing Teal. The Osprey is still around. I saw him headed upriver with a fish in his talons. A small flock of seven Northern Pintails were in Heron Pond with Northern Shovelers, Green-wing Teal and Mallards. May have been other species, but the south light turned most of the birds into silhouettes.
Jack Cowan
South St. Louis
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