More info (and a photo) of our uncertain Accipiter.

I checked the photo and my recollections against 'Hawks in Flight', by
Dunne/Sibley/Dutton. Most of what I saw yesterday (and what can be seen in
photo) points to immature Coopers: large size, flight pattern (slowish
beats, long glides), long straight wings, pale belly and fluffy white
undertail coverts, tail slightly rounded (when not fanned) with distinct
white terminal band.

The only thing that doesn't quite fit is the smallish-looking head, which
we also noticed yesterday.  But in the photo it looks like the bird is
looking down (at us and/or possible prey), which may make it look shorter.

- John Besser
Columbia MO
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I got a fuzzy shot of what we thought might have been a Cooper's after we
saw the pelicans but before we saw the sparrows.  I posted it online on a
bird ID group on Flickr and got some different possibilities.  Here's a
link to the photo and discussion:

It would be interesting to hear your impressions.  From what I can tell on
the checklist for EBCA, sharpie and goshawk have both been seen, but
neither is common.

All the best,



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