This is the second message in a series to acquaint listserv users with the resources on the ASM webpage,

Have you noticed a blue box area on the left side of the ASM home page ( with Upcoming Events?

These are items from the ASM Event Calendar.  Everyone can check the full calendar; only ASM members can place items on it.

This is a very simple way for Missouri birders to learn about birding events around the state, BUT IT IS USEFUL ONLY IF EVENT AND FIELD TRIP PLANNERS ENTER THE INFORMATION!

This "how to" is in two parts (A.  How to find and use the calendar to learn about upcoming activities, and B. How to enter activities on the calendar).

A.  Finding and Using the Calendar

1.  POINT at the leftmost banner head:  ASM

2.  CLICK on the SEVENTH item in the drop down menu (ASM EVENT CALENDAR)

3.  The calendar opens in a standard monthly calendar presentation, giving the current month.  You may view other months by clicking on the month in the upper left corner for previous months, or in the upper right corner for upcoming months.

4.  CLICK on the DATE  in the upper left corner of a day box to see details (as explained below, copied from the calendar page) or to use the SHORT CUT, just click on the live link "upcoming events".

Missouri Birding Events
Click on the date for details or get the entire list of upcoming events.  ASM members may login to add, edit, or delete items.

Color Key

B.  To ADD Birding Events to the Calendar:

1.  You MUST be an ASM member.

2.  You MUST login on the home page, then point at the ASM header and click on the Event Calendar drop down to open the page.

3. On the upper right, above the calendar, is  a box labeled  "ASM Members -  Add Event".  CLICK on it.

4.  A page opens with boxes for you to fill with Event Type, Location, Date, Contact, and Details.

5.  When you have completed the entry, CLICK on the 'INSERT" button at the bottom.

Bodacious birding at the many activities for Missouri birders,

Edge Wade
ASM Conservation Partnership Coordinator
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