There were two, perhaps three questions implied:  Where to get information, access/openness, safety.

Eagle Bluffs is a Conservation Area in southern Boone County.  There are several species hunted there, with many overlapping seasons.  Species hunted there include (but may not be limited to) deer, rabbits, squirrel, geese, ducks, doves, rails (!).

Access is limited during the various waterfowl seasons.  When the area is closed to full access, birders and other wildlife viewers may drive the main road to a point well into the area at any time of day.  

Between 1p.m. and 3 p.m.,  and additional stretch of road is open to all (this is the period that duck hunters are exiting the area, no hunting in these 2 hours).

It is probably unwise to walk the trail along the Missouri River at this time of year.

If you feel the above information is inadequate, you can get specific information by emailing the manager, Vic Bogosian (see address above).

There are many, many places to bird in central Missouri.  Hunting is not allowed in city parks or Missouri State Parks.  Nearby state parks include:

Rock Bridge Memorial SP, south of Columbia along Hwy. 163, off Providence Rd.

Finger Lakes SP, north of Columbia off US 63 on Peabody Rd.

Long Branch SP, just west of Macon on US 36

Pershing SP, in Linn Co. along US 36

Lake of the Ozarks SP, Camden Co., off US 54

Ha Ha Tonka SP, Dallas & Laclede Co. west of Lebanon 

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