A hardy group of 12 birders made the 7th Annual Yellow Rail Walk this AM at BK Leach CA (Lincoln County) starting at 8AM.  Fortunately the rain held off until ~11:45 when the group when separate ways.  But, prior that, we had a pretty good morning at both BK Leach CA's- King's Lake Unit and the Bittern Basin Unit.
At the King's Lake Unit:
1- Ring-necked Pheasant called in distance.  Not sure what to make of them here any more, they do seem to be regular here as of the last 3-4 years.
5 - Sora
1 - calling Lesser Yellowlegs
~6 Wilson's Snipes
2 - Merlins, working the starling/blackbird flocks.  Thanks to Christian for setting us all straight on the ID.
1- presumed distant Peregrine Falcon
At least 1 Sedge Wren and 6 Marsh Wrens
2 - Common Yellowthroat (seen by me, prior the start)
3 - Nelson's Sparrows
At the Bittern Basin Unit:
2 more Sora
Quite a few shorebirds
1 - Greater Yellowlegs
~12 Lesser Yellowlegs
5 plus -  Least Sandpipers
2 - Pectoral Sandpipers
8 - Long-billed Dowitchers
3 plus - Wilson's Snipe
4 - Sedge Wren
5 - Marsh Wren
2 - Common Yellowthroat
2 more Nelsons's Sparrows.
Sparrows were few; only  a couple of Swamps, Songs and ~20 Savannah's total for the day, and not a single LeConte's.
eBird checklist are here for those interested, thanks to Christian for entering them.
Thanks to everyone who came - I always enjoy leading this trip.
Joshua Uffman
St. Louis County, MO
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