One of the topics this past weekend ASM Fall Meeting was, "Let's do a better job informing listserv users about what kinds of information are on the ASM Website, and how to access that information."

This is the first message addressing that:  Finding Birding Site Information by County.   Follow the step-by-step process below and be rewarded with some solid information about sites in all Missouri counties.  Not all sites will be in the list at this time.  We'll add more later.  But there are enough there now to keep an active birder moving around for many months to come.

Bodacious birding!

The best way to find sites by county:


1. Point at  BIRDER TOOLS in the banner heads (second from left)

2.  In the drop down menu, CLICK on the second item (RESOURCES BY COUNTY)

3.  Find the county of interest in the alphabetical list.

4.  CLICK on the plus sign beside the county of interest.

5. The first symbol indicates the type  [ownership] of the property. 
        The second symbol is for the site checklist.  Click on it and the checklist opens.
        The third symbol is Google.  A click on it takes you to a Google map of the site.
         If there is a blue book symbol,a Birders' Guide has been written for the site.  Click on it and a PDF guide opens. 

[AND, if you'd like to add a Birders' Guide for a site without one, contact me!]

Edge Wade
ASM Conservation Partnership Coordinator
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