Little Dixie Lake 

Had about 45 min. to bird this new area for me as a part of my 'seminar' activities.  Myself and a gentleman from Florida hit a pocket of activity and stuck to it:

Nashville Warbler
Tennessee Warbler
Palm Warbler
Yellow rumped Warbler

Ruby crowned Kinglet

Summer Tanager female

Rose breasted Grosbeak 2

Indigo Buntings

All WPs except Sapsucker

Grey Catbird
Brown Thrasher

Tree Swallow flyover 4

Whetstone Creek Ca. (new area for me) 10/03/13
Birded w/a small group and had some fun sightings in about 45 min.:

White crowned Sparrows
Song Sparrow
Ea. Towhee

Common Yellowthroat

Indigo Buntings

Ea. Phoebe

Blue Grosbeak female- excellent looks and a surprise

Double Crested Cormorant 4

Wood Duck 2 drakes

Bryan Prather
St. Louis Co., Mo

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