Friday night I stayed at the Precious Moments Best Western hotel in Carthage
just off of highway 71. Around 10 pm, we were sitting on the patio visiting
and I saw an owl fly over the back of the hotel. Ten minutes later it came
back and landed on the top of the slanted roof about 60 yards away for about
10 seconds. At that point I thought it was a barn owl. Not sure. In the next
half hour I saw it several times flying at far western end of the hotel over
a rough field with a few small brushy trees. There is some light back there
and the owl appeared whitish but again, I'm not sure. It was about the same
size as a short eared. Would short ears fly around a hotel and land on the
roof? If anyone is in the area, they might want to stop by the Precious
Moments Best Western, drive to the far back, western end of the hotel
parking lot and watch for a bit and see what you see.


Robert Brundage

Jefferson City, MO

(573) 338-5753 Cell


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