Writing--and good writing--does not emerge from a vacuum: there have always been poor or even stupid books. But the ones that matter emerge from a culture of writing and of criticism.
This notion of limiting the books is deeply mistaken. And just who would decide--and why--who should attempt to write them or send them out to editors?
The whole point is wrong, not simply the age or the exceptions.

>>> Carrol Cox <[log in to unmask]> 10/28/13 3:23 PM >>>
There are always exceptions. William Empson was 24 when he published Seven
Types. On the other hand, had Stanley Fish published fewer books, the world
would be better off.



Lets see, Spinoza died when he was 45 but, of course, he was not a
professor. Perhaps we could extend the ban on professors to 70 and have no
limit on lens grinners.

Richard Seddon