" I'm One of the Ruins That Cromwell Knocked Abaht a Bit."

--  " it was all a matter of selection and concentration"


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Subject: Re: Interview: Paul Muldoon, Editor Of 'The Waste Land' By T.S. Eliot : NPR
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You have done the list a great service for supplying a most accessible link,
Rickard. Getting at all the important levels in of this essay is a sure trail into the secrets of TWL.
P. M.

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>Peter Montgomery wrote:
>> In all the banter which you evoked (unwittingly I'm sure) Ken,
>> I saw no reference to Eliot's little essay on Marie Lloyd,
>> which provides a pretty definitive view of Eliot's high regard
>> for the music hall, esp. its moral dimension.
>The original version of the essay appeared in Eliot's "London
>Letter" to the Dial.  It's online at

>  Rick Parker