Probably a misunderstanding, Ken - I'm sorry too, if it were, and come in peace.......

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No, there was no video: I was in the audience.

   Ah, I thought you were referring to the report on NPR with the interview of Muldoon by the journalist you found inadequate to the event. I didn't know there was an audience to be in. Nor was I in any way I can detect sneering. It amazes me that you took it that way. I simply disagreed with one thing presented in the radio interview and gave some reasons for it and asked for other opinions. Sorry that that strikes you as "sneering."

Ken A

But it wasn't in any way 'music hall' or comic or raucous, and I never mentioned or intended to imply anything like that: I meant what I said, and I'm sorry that you seem to choose sneeringly to misunderstand it.

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  Watching?  Was there video?  What did you think of the idea of regarding TWL as a night at a music hall? I thought, given Eliot's professed enjoyment of music hall entertainment, that it was an appealing idea, but I don't see it getting past the first line of poem. There are certainly some 'characters' in TWL, but Phlebas floating decomposing, the peace that passeth understanding, the undertow of broken lives throughout -- it just doesn't feel like the hearty kind of raucousness or comic sentiment that I imagine a music hall setting might support.  ????

Ken A

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Watching and listening to Muldoon on Eliot and The Waste Land is like being machine-gunned with the silver bullets of sparkling, original and apparently spontaneous ideas, from an apparently bottomless store of ammunition.

I do think that the journalist responsible for this interview report fails completely to convey anything like this.

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