Simple observations, and it is already poetry!
Are human mind and imagination (the reader's as well as the writer's) geared to that end?
Now more than ever it is the age of poetry!
No, it has ever been so!
Long live the masters who taught us the idiom.
Or is it ingrained?


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October 10, 2013
Radar Data #12
by Lytton Smith
It was in the absence of light
as when near new moon and 
no moonlight; as when a part 

of a picture is in shadow (as 
opposed to a light); as when 
in the condition of being 

hidden from view, obscure, 
or unknown--in concealment, 
or else without knowledge 

as regards to some particular; 
and of the weather, season, 
air, sky, sea, etc., characterized 

by tempest; in times, events, 
circumstances etc. subject to 
tempers; inflamed, indicative, 

predictive, or symbolical of 
strife (harbinger of coming 
trouble)-a period of darkness 

occurring between one day & 
the next during which a place 
receives no light from the sun, 

and what if it is all behind us? 
I no longer fear the rain will 
never end, but doubt our ability 

to return to what lies passed. 
On the radar, a photopresent 
scraggle of interference, as if 

the data is trying to pretend 
something's out there where 
everything is lost.




Copyright 2013 by Lytton Smith. Used with permission of the author.


About This Poem   
"People are always curious where a name like 'Lytton' comes from--and it's not from modernist biographer Lytton Strachey, but gothic novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton. He famously came up with the opening phrase (in 
Paul Clifford) 'It was a dark and stormy night.' But I've begun to feel guilty mentioning that; his opening sentence is actually pretty good, so I've begun writing a whole series of poems that try to translate, rework, recuperate it." 
--Lytton Smith
Most Recent Book by Smith

(Nightboat Books, 2013)


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Lytton Smith's most recent poetry collection is While You Were Approaching the Spectacle But Before You Were Transformed by It (Nightboat Books, 2013). He teaches at Plymouth University.

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