I found out awhile back that Google has found the TSE archives.  I don't
know how they did it as I have been automatically kicked off the list a few
times when my ISP bounced a few too many posts and I had to signup first to
get access to the archive website.

There are some inconsistencies though.  Last night I did a Google search for
"LISTSERV 15.5 - TSE Archives" (but without the quotes.)  Google reported
"About 8,020,000 results".  This morning I did the same and Google reported
"60 results".  When I did the search one more time but with the same search
string within double quotes Google reported "10 results".  Those last two
attempts actually found about the same number of our actual posts.  The
additional 50 or so from try #2 found items such as:

   Full text of "The nation" - Internet Archive
   Internet Archive ...... Mao Tse-tung; B 122 O'Neill (Eugene). ......
picture is
   businesslike and almost unadorned — as though a record were being made for
   the files. ...... He neglects to add that the department also estimates
that 15.5
   million job vacancies will he ...... EPIC was set up in 1960 with a
mailing list of
   150 persons.

For all three of the above tries the TSE posts found by Google had their own
cached copies of the post.

I did a fourth attempt using "parker eliot" (but
without the quotes.)  Google reported "About 23,100 results" and displayed
158 of them.

I'm still not sure how I feel about this.  Anyone else care to comment.

   Rick Parker