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>Sometimes I think the effort to see Vivienne as "every woman" in TWL is
>an effort to make the poem implode. In any case, I was surprised after
>following the link to see how un-antique she looked in that particular
>photograph. It may be the low resolution or the wrinkles in my retinas,
>but she seems pretty healthy and "normal" in that photo. In so many
>others I've seen, she looks truly sad and pathetic, but in this one she
>looks like she's holding her own quite well.

That photo of Vivien was taken in 1921 by Ottoline Morrell.  The U.K.'s
National Portrait Gallery website gives access to 13 photos of Mrs. E. by
Ottoline.  6 were taken in 1920, 3 taken in 1921 and 4 taken in 1931.

Only in the two photos taken that same day in 1921 does Vivien look well.
She was about 33 years old.

   Rick Parker