CFP:  “Sebald and Capital” (deadline November 15, 2013; American
Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) 2014; New York University; New
York; March 20-23, 2014)

After an initial Sebald boom at the beginning of the millennium, this panel
asks: what is the current state of Sebald scholarship? Has the initial
“Sebald moment” that engendered so much critical writing passed and what
might this mean for the future? Where might his works of prose fiction and
his poetry take us going forward in the era that follows the first “wave”
of Sebald reception? With a focus on the diverse genres that Sebald’s
writing seems to have engendered within the reception itself, this panel
aims to assess and critically reflect on the impact of Sebald’s oeuvre. The
aim of this panel is two-fold: to meta-critically reflect on the current
“state” of Sebald criticism as Capital; and to initiate new approaches that
open up further possibilities in relation to Capital as a spatial and
geographical metaphor that structures Sebald’s writing.What accounts for
this author’s “cultural capital,” both in academia and in the publishing
industry? Is he a German, English, or European writer? Is he modern or
postmodern? How do his writings represent the movement of “capital” in the
form of currencies, density, accumulations and flow? And how are they, in
turn, marketed? How and by whom is Sebald translated? Can his critique of
power politics be connected to current discourses on human rights? And what
are the possibilities of a queer approach to Sebald’s writings? Seminar
organizers: Caroline Rupprecht, Queens College CUNY; Neil Christian Pages,
Binghamton University SUNY.

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