We seem to be getting a lot of "anonymous" posts of late. Is it perhaps because of the smart phones, tablets, and other typing-challenged devices we use these days? I understand. Fighting autocorrect on my Android makes typing even the skimpiest massage a bore -  oops I mean "simplest message a chore" - so I know it's tempting to minimize the word count. Nevertheless the usage guidelines of this list ask that all posts be signed with the poster's full name and place of residence. This is true for posts typed with ten fingers from your desk, posts typed with one thumb from the field, and posts dictated to Siri from your car. Which, I hope, is parked.

Why do we ask this? Because MOBirds-L is intended to help a widespread community of folks with a common interest get to know each other a little better, because the knowledge of who is speaking adds valuable context to what is said, and because the discussion is always more constructive when the participants identify themselves. We realize that this is not standard internet procedure, but that's precisely because we want to avoid standard internet discourse.

Thank you!

David Scheu
MOBirds-L list co-owner
St. Louis, MO

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