Mobirders -
    I checked a couple of the lagoons here in the
    Joplin area this morning.  09-24-13:

    At the Center Creek lagoon there was a male
    Am. Kestrel being chased by Tree Swallows.
    This may be the same male kestrel that has been
    observed for a year or two.   No ducks.
    Killdeer  2
    No other shore birds.  No mud flats at our
    Joplin lagoons.
    Tree Swallows  40

    At Carl Jct. lagoon there was a female
    Mallard Duck with a tennis ball sized tumor on
    her head.  We'll observer her future, if present.
    4 Northern Shoveler
    310 Canada Goose  not a typo.
    6 Spotted Sandpiper
    4  Killdeer
    20  Tree Swallows

    Barn Owl not present in salt barn.  ROPI cage,
    yes.  Not working.......
    certhiaAT                           09-24-13.

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